The essential step-by-step guide for anyone starting a building project.

Build Build Build is the one-stop-shop to help you navigate your way from planning through to building and sign-off. Twelve easy to understand course modules which help you to identify the potential of your project, while avoiding the pit falls.




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Realising Your Project's Potential

This part of the course will help you to analyse the potential opportunity of your project.

The Planning Steps

Identifying Potential

• What is potential and where can I find it?
• Do I extend or build new?
• How can I find a development site
• Can I turn my project into a business?

Funding, Legal and Insurances

• How do I cost my project?
• How can I borrow money?
• Are there legal requirements?
• What insurances should I consider
• Obtaining quotes.

Party Walls 

• Party walls

Trees and other constraints

• Trees
• Other constraints
• Protected species and habitats
• Easements
• Right of light

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Planning Your Project and Shaping Your Team

Now that you know what you want to build or extend, this section helps you apply for planning and gives guidance on how to select the right team.

The Design Steps 

Your Power Team

• What exactly is a power team and why do I need one?
• Finding your power team
• When do I need to use my power team?
• Who's the lead consultant?

Health and Safety

• Why is it so important?
• Health and Safety Executive
• CDM Regulations
• What are my responsibilities and who do I need to employ?

The Planning Process (Parts 1 & 2)

• Power Team
• What is planning permission and why is it important?
• Do you need planning permission?
• The local plan
• Your responsibilities
• Types of permission
• How to apply for planning permission
• Timeframe
• Pre-application
• Permitted development and Prior Approval
• Listed Buildings
• Conservation areas
• Appeals
• Planning conditions
• Making changes to a permission

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Building Your Project

Part 3 takes you through building regulations to actually getting your project built.

The Building Steps

Building Regulations and Warranties

• Building regulations
• Types of building regulations approval
• Full plans application
• Building notice application
• Regularisation
• Planning early

Choosing your builder

• What is a tender?
• Types of tendering
• How to get accurate tender prices
• How to choose the successful tenderer

Building your project

• Types of contracts
• Responsibilities on site
• Prepare for the unexpected
• Finishing your project

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Want to take the next step to a new future?

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Your next project

• What are your options now that you've finished?
• How can you use your experience to make your next project better?
• Can you use this project to help your next project?

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"Build Build Build is an important innovation in the sometimes opaque and intimidating world of property development. It is a truly comprehensive product which will give confidence and knowledge to anyone wanting to undertake a development on their home or on land. It is relevant to novices and new developers alike."

Jeremy Ashworth
Managing Director - Cantata Properties

"This manual and series of modules is extremely useful for anyone wanting to undertake a development on their own home or on land. It is especially useful for novices and new developers alike. Very Good value for money 11 modules for only £150-195). The forum is an even better add-on to exchange knowledge and information. I would have bought and invested in this program if I were starting out. "

Immanuel Ezekiel
Director - Broadwing Homes

"Build Build Build is a fantastic resource for up and coming property developers, as well as those looking to refresh their knowledge and skillset. As a developer who has grown from single unit refurbs to multi-unit conversion and new-build projects, a resource like this would have been incredibly helpful at the very early stages of our companies growth. "

Nikhil Patel
Managing Director - Flamingo Investment Group

"Build Build Build is a fantastic concept and looks to be an invaluable tool for budding property developers. Having been in the property industry myself for many years, it would have been very useful, had it been available when I started out, as development is complex by nature. I’m impressed with how much is on offer and l like the flexibility of the ‘mix and match’ modules. With anything, apply yourself, and this could be worth it's weight in bricks!"

Alex Harrington-Griffin
Founder of Trusted Land and Developers Boardroom

"When we undertook our own major home extension and refurbishment we were fortunate to have a professional team that guided us through our project. Having viewed the content of these modules I can see and understand how this would be indispensable to home owners and builders alike. This is certainly a product we would leverage for any future works we undertake. "

Kate and Paul Finnett
West London

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